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Table 2 Confirmation stage processes of validation

From: Supporting cognition in systems biology analysis: findings on users' processes and design implications

Processes of Validation Actions Supported?
Compare results to one's own experimental findings for affirmations and contradictions - Sort by gene name
- Scroll to genes of interest
- Hyperlink to details relevant to experiment
Determine accuracy of results by hunting for redundancies or synonyms - Sort by gene name
- Scroll to various known genes
- Check "Other gene name" field
- Scroll to assure no duplication are displayed
Determine the accuracy of the data and the data sources - Search for cues or information indicating "data autobiography" or provenance (e.g. source database, last date updated, logic or rules for matching and integrating items across multiple databases sources and for determining a common Gene ID)
- Judge the credibility of the underlying logic
Not easy at the time to uncover inner processing
Determine the completeness and relevance of the data - Sort by gene name
- Scroll to find various known genes or interactions and see if they are included
- Confirm expectations for: # of interactions # of literature sources for a gene, names of interactors, dates of literature references, GO annotations
- If data do not confirm expectations, look for cues indicating information about logic and rules for merging and integrating data
Did not at the time provide counts