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Table 1 Sample data for rhetorical unit evaluation.

From: Are figure legends sufficient? Evaluating the contribution of associated text to biomedical figure comprehension

Figure + Associated text Subject-Generated Text Structured by Rhetorical Units
  Purpose Methods Results Conclusions Other Criteria
Fig+L Effect of pH... Enzyme kinetics Hard to say, need detailed fitting data Don't know Full text
Fig+L+T+A The goal of... X-ray crystallography... Hydrogen bonds... RNA binding of protein... Methods are still lacking
F+Legend+T+A To show that... A is just a chart of... Affinity of TF... A model for the formation... How was the final model arrived at (part c)?
  1. Space limitations prevent us from including all the text descriptions for the four rhetorical units. Legend (L), title (T), and abstract (A). The original data are available at