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Table 9 Selected Organizations Frequently Citing Affymetrix Patents

From: The emergence and diffusion of DNA microarray technology

Citing Organization Description of Relevant Technology Grants
3M Photopatterned DNA chips N
ACLARA BIOSCIENCES Microfluidics for preprocessing of genetic material Y
AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES Ink-jet manufactured DNA chips N
BIOFORCE NANOSCIENCES Mapping nucleotide positions and molecular interactions through atomic force microscopy Y
BIOMICRO SYSTEMS Microfluidic systems to enhance DNA hybridization N
CALIPER TECHNOLOGIES Parallel microfluidic devices for preparation of genetic material Y
CALTECH Protein design, genetic sequence analysis and amplification, size based polynucleotide sorting Y
CEPHEID Rapid genetic testing for diseases and bioterrorism Y
CLONTECH LABORATORIES Glass, nylon, and plastic expression profiling microarrays; disease profiling arrays Y
EASTMAN KODAK Reagents and imaging systems for microarrays N
FUJI PHOTO FILM Electrochemically assembled DNA chips, optical scanners for expression arrays N
GENE LOGIC Analysis of Affymetrix GeneChip data Y
GENOSPECTRA Chronological quantitation of genetic cellular events N
HARVARD COLLEGE Protein arrays Y
HYSEQ Protein modeling and DNA chips Y
ILLUMINA High density optical wells and scanning systems for nucleic acid analysis Y
INCYTE Microarrays for gene expression studies and drug discovery Y
KIMBERLY-CLARK WORLDWIDE Multipurpose optical diffraction biosensors N
LARGE SCALE PROTEOMICS Protein identification and characterization N
LEXICON GENETICS Gene knockout technology to systematically discover the physiological and behavioral functions of genes Y
MIT Nanoparticles to create, through deposition and pattering, microelectronic devices that incorporate biological materials. Nanocrystal tagging and tracking of DNA. Y
MAXYGEN Protein therapy Y
MERGEN DNA chip maker N
MOTOROLA Stamped DNA chips N
NANOGEN Sample preparation and testing tools Y
NANOSPHERE Protein/Nucleic acid detection without amplification Y
NANOSTREAM Microfluidic systems to enhance array throughput N
ORCHID BIOSCIENCES Microfluidic glass chips for identity testing Y
PERLEGEN SCIENCES Whole genome association studies on DNA chips to better match patient genotypes with medications Y
ROSETTA INPHARMATICS Ink-jet microarrays and analysis software for genetic research N
SEQUENOME Resequencing array for genotyping N
SOMALOGIC Rapid protein based diagnosis of disease Y
STANFORD UNIVERSITY Using cell stress response to identify drug targets, nucleic acid amplification, pin based DNA chip manufacturing Y
SYMYX TECHNOLOGIES High throughput chemical discovery and analysis on microarrays Y
TELECHEM INTERNATIONAL Noncontact microspotting devices N
THIRD WAVE TECHNOLOGIES Molecular diagnostics and amplification Y
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Flourescense tagging, expression analysis algorithms, diagnostic arrays, chemical discovery arrays Y
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Creating temperature gradients on DNA chips to better characterize molecular interactions Y
VIALOGY Data cleaning software for gene expression studies N
ZYOMYX Human and murine cytokine protein assays Y