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Table 4 Sample from Our Set of Pre-1999 DNA Chip Articles

From: The emergence and diffusion of DNA microarray technology

Title Authors Publication
Towards Arabidopsis genome analysis: monitoring expression profiles of 1400 genes using cDNA microarrays Ruan, Y; Gilmore, J; Conner, T PLANT JOURNAL
The integration of microarray information in the drug development process Braxton, S; Bedilion, T CURRENT OPINION IN BIOTECHNOLOGY
Probing lymphocyte biology by genomic-scale gene expression analysis Alizadeh, A; Eisen, M; Botstein, D; Brown, PO; Staudt, LM JOURNAL OF CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY
Microarrays: biotechnology's discovery platform for functional genomics Schena, M; Heller, RA; Theriault, TP; Konrad, K; Lachenmeier, E; Davis, RW TRENDS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY
Data management and analysis for gene expression arrays Ermolaeva, O; Rastogi, M; Pruitt, KD; Schuler, GD; Bittner, ML; Chen, YD; Simon, R; Meltzer, P; Trent, JM; Boguski, MS NATURE GENETICS
Analysing genetic information with DNA arrays Case-Green, SC; Mir, KU; Pritchard, CE; Southern, EM CURRENT OPINION IN CHEMICAL BIOLOGY
From expressed sequence tags to 'epigenomics': An understanding of disease processes Zweiger, G; Scott, RW CURRENT OPINION IN BIOTECHNOLOGY
Detection of heterozygous mutations in BRCA1 using high density oligonucleotide arrays and two-colour fluorescence analysis Hacia, JG; Brody, LC; Chee, MS; Fodor, SPA; Collins, FS NATURE GENETICS