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Table 15 Federal Funding to Perlegen

From: The emergence and diffusion of DNA microarray technology

Funder Start Date End Date Avg FY Fund ($K) Title
National Cancer Institute 9/1/2004 8/1/2005 209.8 Comprehensive Mutational Analysis of the Cancer Genome
National Human Genome Research Institute 9/1/2004 9/1/2005 3041.8 Large-Scale Low-Cost Genotyping for the Haplotype Map
National Human Genome Research Institute 9/1/2002 6/1/2005 260.7 Evolutionary Conserved Sequences in the Human Genome
National Human Genome Research Institute 6/1/2003 3/1/2004 50.3 Comparative Microarray Sequencing of Chimpanzee genomes
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease 8/1/2003 7/1/2004 250 Discovery of Salmonella signature SNPs by microarrays
National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases 9/1/2004 3/1/2005 110.9 Genetic Association of Rheumatoid Arthritis
National Institute of General Medical Sciences 5/1/1998 4/1/2003 118.6 Conserved regulatory sequences in humans and mice
National Institute of Mental Health 8/1/2004 7/1/2005 125 Genetic Association in Austism Disorder
National Institute on Aging 8/1/2004 1/1/2005 283 Genome-Wide Scan for Alzheimer's Associated Genes