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Table 12 Government Grants to Quantum Dot Corporation

From: The emergence and diffusion of DNA microarray technology

Funder Yearly Amt. ($K) Start Date End Date Description
NCI 207.9 8/1/2000 2/1/2003 Development of quantum dots as tissue probes for concurrent screening of multiple markers of breast cancer
NCI 53.7 8/1/2000 7/1/2001 Enhance the sensitivity of DNA microarrays by three orders of magnitude using quantum dots, with the goal of enabling single molecule detection
ATP 1000 12/1/2004 11/30/2007 Quantum dot adoption has been slowed because they contain cadmium, which can be toxic to humans and can act as a pollutant in the environment. Quantum Dot Corporation will create new nanocrystal tags without cadmium and at the same time implement manufacturing processes that are 1000 times faster and cut costs of production by 90%.