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Table 11 Licensed Symyx Discoveries

From: The emergence and diffusion of DNA microarray technology

Licensee Technology
Commercialized Materials
Agfa DirectriX needle-based detector technology for
Dow Catalysts to produce VERSIFY™ Elastomers and Plastomers
DX-S Computed Radiography
JSR Polymers for Electronic Material
Technologies in Development
Canon Lab instruments
Celanese Catalyst for Commodity Chemicals
Dow Various Polyolefin Catalysts
Exxon Mobil Catalyst for Commodity Chemicals
Exxon Mobil Refining Catalyst
Hella Automotive Oil Sensor
INEOS Commodity Chemical Catalyst
Unilever Personal Care Polymer
Univation Polyethylene Monitoring Sensor
Unspecified Catalyst for Electronic Applications
Unspecified Sensor for Oil and Gas Exploration
Unspecified Oral Care Polymer