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Table 1 Some of the University Faculty Appearing on Affymetrix Patents

From: The emergence and diffusion of DNA microarray technology

Institution Collaborator Department – General Research Area
Stanford Stryer; Lubert School of Medicine – Biochemistry
  Davis; Ronald W. School of Medicine – Biochemistry and Genetics
  Pirrung; Michael C. Department of Chemistry – Organic Chemistry
  Pease; R. Fabian Department of Electrical Engineering – Semiconductor Manufacturing
  Quate; Calvin F. Department of Electrical Engineering – Nanomanufacturing
Princeton Levine; Arnold J. Department of Biochemistry – Oncology
University of California Mathales; Richard A. Department of Chemistry – Biophysical Chemistry
  Schultz; Peter G. Department of Chemistry – Biochemistry
Argonne National Laboratory Mirzabekov; Andrei Biochip Technology Center – Molecular Biophysics
University of Michigan Collins; Francis S. Department of Internal Medicine – Human Genetics